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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Brave of Heart Fund?
Why did the New York Life Foundation and Cigna Foundation create this Fund?
Who can apply for a grant through the Fund?
Where does the money in the Fund come from?
What does a Fund grant provide?
How much grant funding will I receive as a grant recipient?
How many people will the Fund be able to help?
Who owns and administers the Fund?

Grants from the Fund

When and how will the Fund begin accepting grant applications?
How can I determine my eligibility to apply for a grant from the Fund?
If my family member was an eligible healthcare worker, does that guarantee a grant?
What information is required for me to request a grant application?
What is the deadline for submitting a grant application?
Are only U.S. citizens eligible to apply for Fund grants?
How should the minor child of an eligible healthcare worker apply?
How does a grant from the Fund differ from life insurance?
Are grants from the Brave of Heart Fund taxable to recipients as income?
What are the emotional and behavioral services that are available?

Clarification of Eligible Professions

How is the Fund determining which family members of an eligible healthcare worker or healthcare volunteer are eligible grant recipients?
Did my family member have to work in a hospital for me to be eligible to apply for a Fund grant?
Can family members of hospital support staff or volunteers also apply?
If my family member worked in a nursing home, outpatient center, or other medical facility aside from a hospital, can I apply for a grant?
If my family member was a home health aide, can I apply for a grant?
What does it mean to be “dependent” on the eligible healthcare worker?
What does it mean to be a “domestic partner” of an eligible healthcare worker?

COVID-19 Exposure

If my family member did not get tested for COVID 19, can I still apply for a grant?
How does the Fund define COVID 19–related causes of death?
How will the Fund determine whether someone died from a COVID 19–related cause?

Other Questions

How can I help to get the word out about the Fund?
What will happen to any funds left over after all grants have been paid out of the Fund?
Who administers the Fund?
What protocols are in place to prevent ineligible individuals from applying for a grant?